Tips for keeping warm in Winter

by | May 15, 2021

Tips for keeping warm in Winter

by Suzanne

Here are 10 ideas from our knowledgeable partners at Smart Energy Solutions that may help you reduce your heating bills and stay warm & dry.

  1. Blankets & throws for late night warmth: Keep these handy to snuggle under instead of switching the heat on.
  2. How is your Ceiling Insulation? Insulation reduces heating needs – did you know that 30-35% of heat is lost through ceilings? If you’re already insulated check it hasn’t moved as some types of insulation can over time. Read more about Ceiling Insulation.
  3. Close curtains at sundown: Keep the heat of the sun in by pulling curtains later in the day. Insulation also helps hold this free heat for longer.
  4. Check your thermostat: Have you got your heater temperature set too high? Each extra degree of heat costs money so lower the thermostat if you’re warm enough.
  5. Turn off heating a bit earlier: Switch off your heat half an hour before you head to bed and you’ll find the residual heat keeps you warm.
  6. Trim trees: Get as much sunshine as you can coming into your house in winter.
  7. Block draughts: Foam seals, door draught stoppers & well-fitted curtains can all make a difference. 
  8. How about a Heat Pump? Heat pumps are the most energy efficient form of electric heating available producing 4kW of heat for each 1kW of electricity. It only costs around 28 cents an hour* to run your heat pump during winter. Read more about Heat Pumps.
  9. Grab a woolly jersey! Time to layer up and turn your thermostat down to save money.
  10. Use electric blankets just to pre-warm: Blankets & duvets should keep you warm through the night.

Smart Energy Solutions gives free advice and quotes on insulation, heat pumps, ventilation and more for your home. Simply Book a FREE Home Assessment online or call them on 0800 888 766.

*Source: EECA – Using a 6kW heat output heat pump, 8 hours a day for 6 months of the year.

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